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Bulletin board

Well boys and girls of the tanarus game hows your gamming been going?If you would like to tell us please do so and we will post it on this board. Also we will post any requests or intrests you have like if you are looking for a team or looking for players on your team we would love to post it on this board. Please E-Mail us your letters for this board and we will put them up as soon as possible. please include your member name on tanarus.

here are the bullitens for this week

Dear Vitamin, Mighty Pez and Zero, Your page is very usefull and helpful I am a newcomer to the game of tanarus and I would like to join a team. If you could help me find a team i would be forever greatful. -mineral

come on guys if you are on a team that would have this young man on your team e-mail him. He's not asking a lot lets help him out huh? E-mail him at