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Cool Folks

Well not everyone on tanarus is a logger. There are some people who will stay in when you have the flag and they know they're beaten. Those are the guys that this page is for. If you would like to honor one of those people for being good sports or you want to honor someone else f for just being cool this is where you can do it. just send em in and we'll put em up.
When you send in a cool person please inculde your name on tanarus unless you prefer to stay anonymous (i dont know why you would want to though.)

Here are a few of this weeks cool folks: folks are in gold senders in white

  1. Platapie - gar%21%21
  2. all of Pow - gar%21%21
  3. Gar - for trying so hard ,he's given more than half he votes here :)
  4. Shamrock - G_O
  5. Stang - gar%21%21
  6. Pyre - gar%21%21
  7. ALL of DoW - SonyFriar/Bbm7-5
please send in your own cool folks bye useing this forum
cool guy = your name on tanarus =