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Loggers Page

Don't you just hate it when you have the flag and you're heading for your base and your thinkin "oh baby i'm home free" and then one by one you watch the opposing team log out? Or when you have an enemy on the run, his sheilds are collapsing and you're just gearing up to collect his bounty but then you watch as his tank goes up and you see that he's left the city? Well dont let it happen any more you can e-mail us and we'll put it up on this board no questions asked. but please don't use this as a vedetta board we dont want to be the cause of fights. Just send us loggers and we'll be happy.
Logger = your name on tanarus =

When you send in a logger please inculde your name on tanarus unless you prefer to stay anonymous.

Here are a few of this weeks loggers: loggers are in red senders in white
  1. Rent - mighty_pez
  2. samix - vitamin
  3. V-Murder - TKXMegaTron
  4. pockets - vitamin
  1. LeftHook - LongDuckDng
  2. Brant - mighty_pez
  3. GG_AXP - vitamin
vitamin, mighty_pez and zero take no resposibilty for the loggers sent in.