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Tanarus News

Sometimes you just want to hear what other people think and somtimes you want to hear the real news. Well this page is a little bit of both. Most of the time it will be telling you what we think about some of the things on tanarus. If you have anything to add send it in and we'll comment on it. So read on and have a good time.

"Whats up with that pricing system?"

Well tanarus players it's time to pay the piper. We've been cashing in on Sony for a while now. They've been kind enough to let us beta test tanarus for free for a very long time. But now we have to suck it up, open our wallets and hand over some bills if we want to keep our beloved tank game. Now i admit that i will probalby end up buying the game but i have an oppinion about the price. I guess that I dont understand why they are charging $10.00 for one month of play. Ok i had a system a couple of years ago called X-Band for super nintendo it was $10.00 a month but you got to play about 7 or 8 games for the price. Now i dont understand how they get to charge $10.00 for one game and one month. Also lets name off a few of the internet services that are out there. Battle net for example FREE!!!!!!!! all you ahve to do is buy the games. Now this is good. Kali is another one, it costs $20.00 and you get unlimeted games. Kahn also is $20.00 for a lifetime membership. So I think we can deduce from the outpouring of services like this that a system of this nature isnt that expensive to run. Now i know they want to make thier money but i think that they could be a little more curtious to thier members and charge a little more leniantly on thier prices.
not that I dont love tanarus because I do. - vitamin
well those are just a few of my thoughts on the subject if you would like to e-mail me my address is