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vitamin, mighty_pez and zero's tanarus page

Well I finnaly decided to get off my butt and update this page. Please visit all the offered sites, most of them have been updated. I have decided to dicontinue the loggers page due to the fact it was not getting as many submissions as i would have liked so now it has been replaced by another. Thanks for stopping by. Keep on comming.

Please take time to fill out our tanarus form the question for now is: "How do you think Sony could make Tanarus better for the players?"

THE RESULTS ARE IN!! Check out the results from our last poll and take time to fill out our new one.

Dont you hate being the beginner that doesnt know how to run anything? Well dont let it happen anymore. come to Mighty Pez's Beginners Corner.

Hey Tanarus players dont you want the greatest news delivered right to you door? Well we provide that right here. The new TANARUS NEWS LETTER!!!

If you would like to send one of us E-Mail here are our addresses