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Stinky Folks

Due to the fact that the loggers page did not get an overwhelming response i have discontinued it (to an extent.) you may still send loggers to this page but now this page has SO many more opptions. you may send the people that you just can stand, you may send the people that team kill and you may send the people that flag sit ect. So use this page all you want and dont be to mean.
Here are a few of this weeks stinky folks: folks are in gold senders in white

  1. Chit - TanarusMan
  2. Zenon Wolf - Kojak
  3. ;;;Hydra;;; - F-16
  4. Fluffpillow - ShakaZulu
  5. F-16 - ;;;hydra;;;
  6. chit - anon
  7. - - -
  8. - - -
please send in your own stinky folks by using this forum
When you send in a stinky guy please inculde your name on tanarus unless you prefer to stay anonymous.
stinky guy = your name on tanarus =

vitamin, mighty_pez and zero take no resposibilty for the loggers sent in.