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Tanarus News

Well thanks to everyone that responed to my arcticle. I have chosen one response that I liked and decided to post it for all to see. If you would like to have a letter of yours posted on this page please write to me and we'll get it up as soon as we can.

Re: "Whats up with that pricing system?"

I play subspace and I like what they decided to do. Like tanarus, they have been in beta for about a year and a half with free play, now that they are going live, they are charging $29.95 for the software, the rest of the connections are free.. and subspace is just as addictive as tanarus, lets see.. $29.95 for unlimited play (one time fee) or $120/year.. hmm.. tough choice. I could even spend more for the game, as long as I don't have to pay to play, then it's just like another game. Maybe if they sold their game for $59.95 and then they could get the money from the people that might not continue to play it after a while instead of losing revenue. I know that at $10.00/month, that the game better give muchos bennies for me to even consider that, and at this time, it's just a good game. Monthly fee's will kill the game, plain and simple.
thanks for your comments steve. I tend to aggree with you on this issue. lets all hope that sony see's the light and rethinks thier pricing system. If you would like to send me mail my address is
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